From the time that I was very young I loved weddings of all kinds. I liked going to the weddings of my family members and I enjoyed watching them on movies and TV shows. Heck, I even enjoyed any kinds of children’s books that had a wedding stories in them. They have just always been something that I have enjoyed. As I grew older I knew that I would have to find a career that somehow linked my love of weddings with my love of art, and I found just the career that I wanted… you guessed it- becoming a wedding photographer.

When I graduated from high school I started to take a variety of photography classes. I knew that I needed to become the best that I could be when it came to my craft. After entering a photography program I purchased a camera with a portion of my student loan, and I used it throughout my time in college career.  In fact, to this day it sits on my shelf. The classes I took taught me everything that I needed to know about the technical side of photography.  However it takes much more than technical ability to be able to document a wedding.  You have to have an eye for it and that’s something I believe came natural to me.

When the opportunity arises for me to take more classes, seminars, or work shops, I always jump at the chance to learn and grow as a photographer. Artists always put a lot of pressure on their selves and I’m no exception.  I have a strong determination to be one of the best  photographers in America. In order for me to grow professionally I decided it would be a great idea for me to create a website to help others learn about the art of photography.  I have heard it said, many teachers/instructors, learn more about their specialty by actually teaching it.  Somehow it causes you to take a step back and see things from a completely new perspective.

It has been almost fifteen years since I worked my first job as a wedding photographer, and I can still remember that day and all of the joy that it held. The bride was beautiful, and I loved having the opportunity to capture her with my camera. I got a variety of shots of the bride alone before the wedding started, and then I got many more of her with her groom after things were underway. The first wedding I ever covered was amazing.  Yes, if you have any experience as a photographer, not all weddings go smoothly and I’m being polite.

Any time I cover a wedding I always approach it from the perspective that this is going to be the best wedding I have ever photographed.  It is this positive mentality that has gotten me through some very trying times.  In all reality it can be very discouraging for artists just entering the profession and I want you all to know that you are not alone.  Just like everyone else, I have had my ups and downs.  I hope you are able to learn from my experiences, my mistakes, and my accomplishments.