I know this is a wedding photography blog but Pet-Rehoming is near and dear to my heart & So is Pet Adoptions.

If you are thinking about pet-rehoming it can be a time of joy but if you miss a few vital elements then this can very quickly turn into your biggest nightmare. And if you are having to give up your dog or cat because of situations beyond your control then you want to know they will be safe and you would also like to know how to cope with the sadness and emotions at losing your cherished friend.

Rehoming an Animal
Rehoming a dog;

Although many people consider that pooches that should be re-homed must have a major issue with them, for example, a well being or behavioral issue, this is frequently not the situation. Many people choose they can’t adapt to their pet pooch whether as a result of an adjustment in lodging, another infant, due to a relationship separate. A considerable measure of canines originate from exceptionally cherishing homes and are all around trained, tender animals that are just needing another home. Frequently their past proprietors haven’t abused them, and would prefer not to need to part with them – yet conditions make it inconceivable for them to keep their dependable friend. One of the benefits that people often overlook when they adopt a dog is that most centers take a detailed description of your circumstances and match you to the ideal dog.

Re-homed dogs are usually micro chipped, have their full set of injections and may have been neutered. If your dog is not old enough at the time he is re-homed, come with a voucher for neutering later on. Dogs that are pet rehomed are often potty trained, identify and respond to commands, and require less attention than a new puppy.

When thinking of pet rehoming or adopting a dog you should consider the following things:

Is there anything in your ownership agreement or lease that does not enable you to get a pet?
Is your home secure enough to keep a dog? For example, does your garden have a fence that would prevent the dog from escaping?
– How long do you spend out of the house each day? If you get away from a home for more than ten hours per day, you will require to employ the services of a pet walker to take your pet for a walk in the middle of the day.
– If you have children it is worth researching the breeds that are more suited to children and choose a pet accordingly.
– Do you, or does anyone in the family, suffer from an allergy to dogs? If so it is worth spending some time with the dog before you commit to making sure no one suffers an adverse reaction to him. There are also allergy prescriptions available from your doctor.

If you can’t look after your dog anymore, it is important to ensure that you get help as soon as possible. If it is the case that rehoming is the best option in your particular circumstances, there are numerous options open to you. Have you asked your friends and family whether they would like to re-home your pet? This may be more difficult if your dog has problem behavior, especially if that behaviour is aggressive towards people.





The Art of Pet Photography

I love pets

Whether you are a dog-loving person or have unending affiliation to flurry little animals by the name cats, it cannot be denied that pets generally enrich our lives and are always valued members of our families. Let’s be honest, how many families do you know of that have at least one pet in their ranks? Have you ever imagined how the bond between these families and most of their pets begun? Believe it or not, there is just something about a nice photograph of a pet that becomes instantly gripping and captivating.

Many families will surely admit that they were first captivated by a pet’s beautiful portrait before they made a decision to include him/her into the family. Truth be told, there is probably a look or an expression that your pet brings forth that often leaves a big smile on your face. But even with that, it does become sweeter if you can capture your pet’s personality and spirit with a touch of artistry that is not only beautiful and compelling, but also in a way that creates memorable portraits. Now, this is what is called the art of pet photography.

Creating fascinating animal portraits is an art in itself. It is a challenging undertaking that can also be fun and rewarding. It is an activity that you have to enjoy and be in love with the animals to bring out the best. In other words, you can only be a good pet photographer if you slowly connect with the animals to an extent that you can tell an enthralling story about them only that this time; through the lenses of a camera. Check out the video below if you think it’s easy.

With that, you are sure to create animal photos that portray a charming blend of humor and affection while at the same time showcase the inner lives of the pets. In fact when it comes to capturing a photograph of your pet, there is nothing like the best moment. It is all about the connection that you have with the animal and being ready at all times. However, there are a lot of things to learn to capture magical and artistic scenes of your pet.

One of the most critical things that you have to know is that animals have emotions that will always come to life. Whether you pets are playing or just resting, your photos of them should have a touch of expressive vitality and profound spontaneity. You should be able to bring out your pets’ playfulness and silliness through your camera, but also certain moments of reflection, seriousness and tranquility.

All in all, pet photography should always be fun with a touch of deftness, as well as having the open mindedness of constantly learning and bringing in fresh approaches to the art. With that, you will always be able to capture your pet’s memorable life moments that will melt anybody’s heart and make them chuckle.

Stay tuned for my true passion where I dedicate my personal time to. Pet re-rehoming.


Equipment for Equestrian Photographers

equipment with low f-stop

Common Equipment of Equestrian Photographers

Lately I have been taking on a personal project that has absolutely nothing to do with weddings.  You guessed it, I have been dabbling in a little equestrian photography.  For those of you who don’t know, having personal projects is a very important part of being a photographer.  It is one of the things that can keep us sane with the every busy photography industry.  I figured I would share some common equipment that is required for this type of photography.  Hope you enjoy and make sure you start a personal project soon, now that the photography season is coming to a close. 🙂

Special types of photography require special types of photographic equipment. Makes complete sense, right? Well, this is especially the case with high action photography. When you have a constantly moving subject, you need equipment that can keep up, while maintaining its capturing abilities for photographs that are crisp and clear, no matter what action it’s catching.

There’s a little more that goes into finding the right equipment for making the most of your equestrian photography adventure, and a lot of that depends on where and when you will be filming your beautiful equine subjects. Let’s start with the camera. Horses move fast! They are mystical and agile creatures who jump and romp and swoosh their tales. You want a camera that can capture their mane mingling with the wind, and you want to be able to see every strand if it’s part of your photographic style.

At this time, we are really impressed with just about any camera by Canon and Nikon. They both make killer DSLRs, and they may not be cheap but they will help you capture some of the most enchanting equine imagery you’ve ever imagined yourself capable of. The reason why Nikon and Canon are especially great for equestrian photographers is because they have a strikingly fast shooting speed. I shoot Canon so this post will definitely be biased…wink, wink. The Canon 5D Mark IV is capable of delivering an astonishing 10 fps of continuous shooting, The Nikon D4s is capable of shooting at 11 fps which gives this camera a slight edge, but not enough to justify spending the $6000 on it. Not to mention I already have a ton of money invested in equipment.  No matter which brand you go with, both Canon and Nikon are excellent companies and make top of the line equipment.  It comes down to personal preference.

I will not be covering lens choice in this article because it would end up taking me 10 hours to write the thing.  Just know that while the camera is important, the lenses you use are even more important. Choose lenses with a 2.8 or below because you need fast lenses for fast horses!

Sometimes more equipment for equestrian photographers is needed, especially if your equine venture takes you to bold new and unpredictable landscapes as is often the case. It’s always a great idea to have a GoPro ready to whip out in the case you wish to keep your expensive DSLR tucked away and safe. GoPro’s rule. They are the ultimate of ultimate in adventure photography, and that means when you find a horse frolicking freely in the rain, you will still be able to capture their majesty to your hearts desire no matter the inclement weather conditions.

Since you will have all of this fabulous gear on you, you are going to have to make sure you get yourself one of the most important pieces of gear for any traveler photographer, especially equestrian photographers who are always on the go with their subjects. This calls for a one of a kind rucksack with a multiplicity of pockets and compartments for storing little things like USBs and chords, to bigger things like tarps and lighting. One of the most highly recommended rucksacks in undoubtedly the National Geographic NG 5158 Zaino Serie Earth Explorer. You can mark our words on this one; it is made especially for photographers, with separate pockets fitted precisely for tripods, lenses, the works.

One of my favorite things about equestrian photography is there are always new and exciting opportunities awaiting you. You get to travel along with your subjects and make many equine friends along the way. So that you never miss out on a single moment, equip yourself with the best of the best, then go out there and make it happen.

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Building Value For Wedding Photography

Building Value For Your Wedding Photography Clients

In the last blog, “Wedding Photographers Hear It All”, I went over how to deal with pricing objections from potential clients.  But I didn’t get into a whole of detail about some of the things you can bring up.  Below are some of the things that you can take into consideration when talking to leads. Keep in mind; this is just a summary so when you speak with leads use your own perspective.

Wedding Photo Love

The first thing I like to do is reiterate that their wedding day is one of the most important days of their life, and you want great photographs to look back on in the future.

On your 20th, your 30th your 40th anniversaries, you want to be able to look back and remember that day clearly. That’s why it is so important to have a great photographer at your wedding to document the day.

Photography Sales Psychology

Here is where some sales psychology comes in. But hiring the photographer is a big decision. There is so much to consider, each photographer offers different packages so it’s going to be difficult to go through all of options. And sometimes it’s tempting just to go with the cheapest one you can find. To learn about the various wedding packages popular with photogs visit Long Island, Wedding Photographer.

It’s such a large expense you might be tempted to save some money and hire that photographer who is charging half what every other photographer in the area is charging. If you feel like you have established enough report at this inject fear. This isn’t just any fear this shit actually happens and I get calls all the time asking if I’m available at a days notice. You know what I’m about to say don’t you?

Nightmare Wedding Day

You hired a photographer off thumbtack, Craigslist, or off their Facebook page (because they don’t have a website). Everything seemed great over the phone. You liked their personality and they were telling you they will cover your 10 hour wedding for $700 bucks and give you 3000 images all retouched.

Well this photographer realized after your talk that they just bit off more than they can chew so they start watching videos on how to photograph a formal wedding. Well as they continue watching the videos and learning there’s a lot more that goes into a wedding than just taking a bunch of candid photos their palms start to sweat.

The day before your wedding they decide they don’t have the equipment or expertise to cover your wedding so you get a call from that photographer telling you they are stick or someone in their family is in the hospital.

Not to say things don’t come up but the thing is professional photographers will do everything in their power to show up at your wedding not matter what life has thrown their way. Well now you’re stuck with no photographer and the stress of finding another one.

This is where things get even more stressful because most photographers book out 6 months to a year in advance. So the chances of you finding a professional photographer in such a short amount of time is slim to none. So then you are forced to either not have a photographer or hire another amateur to cover your wedding.

Touch On Why Wedding Photography Is Expensive

Kissing wedding couple Black & White

Going over why photography is so expensive is not something I love doing but they way I see it, if a potential client asks I feel obligated to respond.

First thing is the quality and quantity of work. Some photographers might offer large packages that include albums, online albums, video and 8 hours of work with a second photographer, while another may cost the same but only provide 6 hours of shooting and an album for the same cost. Which one is the better choice? It will depend on what you are looking at.

The photographer with the large package may be just starting out and trying to build a portfolio, while the other photographer may have years in the business already and is able to provide a much higher quality experience.

He may know all the tricks, covered other weddings at your particular venue, and have a reputation for being an excellent photographer. So even though you may get a little less for your money, you would have the comfort of being confident in his work, and not worry about the quality of the images.

Another major factor in price is the equipment. Some photographers are comfortable using older equipment they are familiar with and so can keep cost down by not having to replace with the latest, while others like to keep up to date with the newest and best equipment on the market.

It may or may not make a difference in the image quality, however newer equipment, even though it does cost more, is able to produce some great effects and can be less invasive. There is also the software, some photographers are getting into online albums and photo retouching and enhancing, these programs can be very expensive, but they offer an amazing result and can be well worth it.

Finally there is the marketing to think about. Print and radio ads, bridal shows, and Internet advertising, it all costs money and those costs have to be accounted for in the price of the work. This Long Island Photographer uses her blog as the primary method of tracking clients but not all us are that lucky! There are many ways that photographers can advertise, all of it can be costly, but it is a necessary cost that goes along with running a successful business.

Yeah, I sometimes bring up the cost of marketing and running a business.  Remember, they asked why it was so expensive so I’m just answering their question!

Stay in the loop for the next article but until then, keep building value!


Why Is Wedding Photography So Damn Expensive

Wedding Photographers Hear It All

I have heard it all as a wedding photographer but one thing that always seems to come up is why the hell are you so expensive? Well not in those exact words but that’s basically what people mean.

wedidng photography is expensive

As photographers you have to stand your ground and on your price list and not give in to filling your schedule with lower income sessions/weddings. I’m not saying this to come off high almighty but you have bills to pay, insurance, mouths to feed and a whole host of other things that require you to charge what you are worth.

Over the years I have learned the art of selling without really selling. What do I mean by that? Well you have to remember future brides and grooms are first time buyers. This means they really don’t know what they are looking for when they first set out in hiring a wedding photographer.

It is your job as a business owner (not artist) to explain to your potential clients the differences that exist in our market. You will actually be doing them a favor by spending 10-20 minutes going over key differences between your services and those who got a nice camera and shoot as a hobby.

If you don’t do this those same potential clients that liked your work and took the time to contact you end up going with a very low budget photographer. None of us want that because after they get their images back they are going to have a very bad taste in their mouth about professional photography even though it was their fault for hiring an amateur.

Just Married putting rings on finger

This will have a huge trickle affect on the photography market because do you think when that couple has kids they are going to be likely to get professional newborn photos done? Or even family portraits? So by educating clients you are essentially helping the entire photography industry.

Don’t feel like you have the extra 10-20 minutes to talk to your leads about the ins and outs of wedding photography? I get it, there are those leads you get where straight out of the gate they ask “how much is this going to cost me”. Yes some of these people are just pricing shopping but there are others who just don’t know what to ask.


You have to remember this is a new experience for them. They may view you a photographer/artist as intimidating because they don’t have an artistic bone in their body. It’s not that hard to create a canned email response with answers to the most commonly asked questions and end the conversation with “I would love to schedule a time to chat with you about your wedding day”.

Talking with the potential client over the phone will allow you to not only make sure you get a good vibe from them but build value about your services. You can overcome objections a lot easier over the phone than email. Pre-qualifying clients is one of the most overlooked things for photographers and I encourage you to think about doing this.

In the next article I’m going to give you some things you may want to address when speaking with your leads.

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How To Hire A Wedding Photographer

How To Hire A Wedding Photographer

bride with bouquet sharing kiss with husbandYour wedding is a once in a lifetime event that you will remember for the rest of your life. Because of that I wanted to write a short article on some things you need to consider before going out and hiring just anyone claiming to be a wedding photographer.

What are some things you should look for in a quality-wedding photographer?

A professional photographer is someone who has studied the art of photography extensively. This can be through formal training or by being self-taught. Either way they must have some sort of training and a lot of experience shooting weddings. It requires an extremely high level of expertise to become a professional wedding photographer. The first step to finding the right one for you would be to look at different portfolios of photographers so you can get a feel for the look and style that is appealing to you.

It’s really important that you ensure the photographer you hire is a professional and not an amateur or hobbyist. Hiring a professional is going to cost quite a bit more than let’s say someone who only shoots weddings for friends and family. It is best not to trust your important day to someone that lacks experience and the professional equipment necessary to document a wedding. With that being said, you need to compare your budget with the quality of work photographers deliver. If there were one wedding vendor that you should over spend on it’s a good idea to make it the wedding photographer. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a photographer.

Think about it. What is going to be left after your wedding day is over?… your images from that day of course.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when choosing a photographer.

1) Technical and creative

Technical and well-composed images are one of the key distinguishing factors that separate a professional from an amateur. Creativity complements the technical expertise in the sense that the photographer is able to capture well-composed images free from distractions.

The photographs should draw you to the focal point of the photograph, such as the bride and groom standing at the end of the isle with the wedding guests blurred out.

In most cases, an experienced wedding photographer will have a particular style. Whether it be photo-journalistic, fine art, or traditional, they will have a style that shines in through in their portfolio. You should see consistency in their wedding albums. Which by the way, it’s always a good idea to ask the photographer if you can see a full wedding album.

2) Personable and charismatic

You spend a greater part of your wedding day together with the photographer so you really need to get along and connect with one another. It is imperative that you choose a wedding photographer with a personality that does not collide or conflict with yours. Apart from the photographer being proficient at his/her craft, you need to make sure they are friendly because it would really suck if your photographer shows up to your wedding and get’s rude with your guests or the other wedding vendors.

Why is hiring a proficient photographer important than hiring an amateur?

Here is a nightmare story for you that will put things into perspective. You spent 40k on your wedding and everything was perfect. The flowers, table settings, your gown, dinner, and the venue its self was how you envisioned it. bride looking in the mirror with vailYou had your first dance with your father that you haven’t seen in 5 years, old friends were their attending and your groom danced all night with you. You were sure the photographs would be excellent. Then 5 weeks later you get the gallery preview from your photographer and all of the photos were blurry, under exposed, and crooked. They were so bad that you were even embarrassed to show them to anyone. In fact, your sister had a point and shoot camera and her photos were much better than the photographers. Well this is the chance you are taking when you hire an amateur photographer and not a professional.

Many couples are enticed to go with an amateur because of the price but after the wedding is over it’s too late to go back and hire a professional. A clear sign of an amateur is if their price is nearly 75% lower than any other professional in the area. Believe me, you don’t want to gamble on hiring an amateur.

Unlike amateurs, true professionals invest thousands of dollars in training, gear, software programs to edit, and hard drives to back up your images. Not to mention they have shot several weddings so yours necessarily won’t be much different in terms of quality of work.

Go for quality not quantity

Anyone can take over 10 000 images, but only come up with a hand few of good ones. Do not be enticed by the large volumes of photos a photographer may promise to take during your wedding. If you invest on quantity instead of quality you will be losing out in the end.


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Many People Ask-What is equestrian photography?

Equestian Jumping

Many People Ask-What is equestrian photography?

After the last post I was asked by some readers to dive a little more into my personal project so the next few posts will be doing just that.

Since horses first showed up on Earth, they have been painted and admired for their beauty and spirit, and once photography was invented, photographed both alone and with their riders. The first known painting of a horse, painted during the Paleolithic era, was discovered in the caves of Lascaux in France. Images of horse and rider moving together is one of the most graceful images that can be portrayed through photography. Eadweard Muybridge was the first to photograph the gait of a horse, to prove that all four feet come off the ground during a gallop.

Photographers such as Bob Langrish and Matthew Seed both understand the moving moments that can be captured through the art of equestrian photography. Equestrian photography is, in fact, photographing horses in relation to their riders, and vice versa. Their photographs are in and of themselves beautiful and moving pieces of art that speak loudly of the relationship between horse and rider. Photographing horse and rider together can demonstrate the unique communication and relationship between them.

Photographing at horse shows

One of the most important things to remember when photographing at a horse show is that, while it is great to get up-close and personal shots of the horses and their riders, getting permission to photograph and taking great care not to spook unprepared horses is vital. Wear neutral-colored clothing and always get clear and concise permission from the riders and/or owners.

One of the best styles of photographs that can be achieved is a photo of the horse and rider moving together through a show course. It is the same for Western as it is for English dressage. When it is possible to get a good angle, get it. Do whatever you must to set up in a location that favors the horses and their riders.

Photographing horse and rider 

At times, getting a photo of horse and rider at their own stable or their own setting can be just what is needed to bring out aspects of their relationship that a photographer may not otherwise achieve. Be sure that for shoots like this you have plenty of assistance, but not so many people around that it may make the horse uneasy.

Horse and rider photos may include the rider sitting atop the horse, the rider standing near their horse’s head and holding the reins, or even just their hands on their animal’s face in an affectionate embrace. Use of lighting is important here as well, as using too bright a light source may spook the horse or cause the subjects to squint, producing undesirable photos.

The summary to be found in all of this is that equestrian photography has its own set of rules when, if followed, can provide the photographer and the equestrian with dazzling photos.

Be sure to select a high quality camera that captures movement flawlessly when exploring the world of equestrian photography. A camera of lesser quality may take what could be a high quality photo opportunity and turn it into a flop. That would be a shame.

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